ZFS, which is short for Z File System, is an innovative file system that offers top performance for sites and online programs. One of its major advantages is the real-time checksum comparison - each file has a checksum, or a digital fingerprint, and ZFS compares the checksums of all the files between the different hard drives operating together within a RAID. If any file is broken for some reason on one of the hard drives, it is repaired from another drive with the correct checksum. As a result, the integrity of any file located on a web server is ensured all of the time. ZFS also works considerably quicker than other file systems, which allows backups to be generated considerably quicker and without slowing down the overall performance of the whole machine. Furthermore, ZFS does not have a restriction for the total number of files that may be stored on a server while all other file systems have some limit that could cause problems sooner or later, specifically for script apps that have a large number of files.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Cloud Web Hosting

The cloud web hosting plans that we provide are set up on our ZFS-powered cloud platform and if you host your sites with us, you will enjoy all the advantages of this file system. All servers which are part of our cluster system work with ZFS and come with SSD drives and a lot of RAM. As a result, your Internet sites shall function many times quicker than if they were running on a web server with the normal setup that you shall find with other hosting firms. For better performance, we use the ZFS file system on all clusters - not only the ones in which your files are kept, but also the ones which deal with the databases and the e-mails. The file system delivers significantly better loading speeds and ensures the integrity of your site since if a production server fails, we could switch to a backup one and it will have the latest version of your Internet site or the latest emails which you have received. The faster backup speeds also permit us to create 4 daily backups of all your content - files, databases and email messages. This makes our hosting plans the best solution for your sites if you are looking for a fast and reliable service.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you choose one of our semi-dedicated hosting solutions, you'll be able to take advantage of the full potential of the ZFS file system since we have employed it on all servers which will be used for the storage of any files, databases and email messages you have inside your account. Our Hepsia Control Panel is designed to work with it and you shall quickly notice the benefits over the hosting services which competitors provide. Your websites shall load considerably faster due to the fact that all our machines employ solid state drives and lots of RAM to make certain that we can fully utilize the options that ZFS includes. Taking advantage of the faster backup generation that the latter offers, we shall also keep four daily backups of your whole account no matter how significant it is and because of the compression rates the file system offers, we are able to keep the backups significantly longer than other service providers. Thus, not only can we ensure that your Internet sites will work fast, but also that you'll never have to worry about losing any file or e-mail if you delete anything accidentally. The ZFS file system also allows us to switch to a redundant hosting server which has the most recent copy of your content in real time with no loss of content or service disruptions.